You may not think of payroll as something to celebrate as a small business owner— but it’s a necessary and important part of running your business. Adding new employees is a critical step in most small business growth, and ensuring that employees are paid on time and in line with federal, state, and local tax and regulatory compliance will help you sustain your business growth. We recognize that payroll for many small business owners is not a simple task, especially when you look at everything else on your plate.

We have put together some points to ease some of the payroll pressure and all the hard-working small business owners trying to grow their business while keeping the back office going.

The Small Business Beginner’s Payroll Guide is designed to help you get your small business up and running payroll successfully, help keep track of payroll costs and tax filings, and gain confidence by ensuring that employees are paid on time and accurately. It can be a daunting experience to start a new company, and payroll is a less exciting part of the process that can make things stressful.

Some of the key things you can consider to learn about are:

  • What information you need to run a payroll
  • Differences between exempt and non-exempt employees
  • Different payroll taxes and how to calculate them

We have also include links to additional small business payroll resources to further set you up for success.

  1. 5 Tips for setting up payroll for a new company
  2. Is Your Payroll Provider Trustable 
  3. Protect Your Business From Payroll Fraud.

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