Hiring a bookkeeper can sometimes make your business feel like a burden, especially when you start. Some businesses have tried to go it alone and rely on apps to do all the heavy lifting before things get out of hand. That’s when they want to reach out to an accountant or bookkeeper… What many don’t realize is that a bookkeeper isn’t just going to help keep the books in order; they’ll always go the extra mile to see you stay in business and succeed.

We’re going to share with you, how a bookkeeper will help boost your business profits while still doing their ‘ normal ‘ job of keeping good account books. There are five ways that bookkeepers can help boost your business profits :

  1. Cost Control

The accountant would ideally have a great deal of industry experience in order to be able to understand main expense items such as material costs, labor costs and direct and indirect overheads.

We can thus make comparisons and determine whether or not an item of expenditure is overpriced and how or where to make it more affordable. Saved dollars will lead to substantial savings through such monitoring, thereby maximizing the revenue.

  1. Bad Debts Reduction

Bad debts often actually occur as a result of bad debt management policies. A good debt manager should set up an airtight system of debt collection that minimizes bad debts. Bookkeepers and accountants are qualified to do just that; they can help facilitate an efficient follow-up process on late payments, without actually threatening the clients.

Not only will a good system minimize bad debts, it will also put in place preventive measures to protect the company from potential defaulters.

  1. Supplier Management

Supplier invoices in an accounting system must be handled and processed. A bookkeeper must ensure that all information related to your suppliers is used at a click of a button, providing you with a clear picture of the cost of your products from various vendors.

Nuage Pulse will break down all the sums spent on various suppliers, helping you to bargain with your major vendors during bulk purchases for better prices. This should help to reduce the price of your commodity, leading to better margins of profit.

  1. Forecast Profits

The amount of profit you get right now could be the result of scheduled or unplanned events. Through putting in place a well-thought-out strategy to get there, a bookkeeper will help you plan your target income. The bookkeeper must make estimates of sales planning costs and expenses as well as the expected revenue.

Sometimes all you need is a solid plan to help you get where you want to go, and a bookkeeper is better equipped to give you a rational blueprint for the profit you want.

  1. Decision Making

You need information in real time to make smatter business decisions. Bookkeepers must keep an accurate record of your company in a system like Nuage Pulse to help you understand any aspect of your business. You will easily know how much profit you are making at all times with such data.

When you find that you don’t achieve your daily or weekly targets, you should put in place corrective measures early enough to avoid impacting the monthly, quarterly or annual goals. In fact, real-time data from Nuage Pulse Dashboard will assist you in important things before accepting a customer’s deal.


Clearly, how recruiting an accountant can have a positive impact on your business profits. Take care, however, to employ a professional bookkeeper in your industry; otherwise, the above-mentioned profit-maximizing strategies may never benefit you much.

Do you still have concerns about how to optimize your business profits by using the available accounting strategies? Don’t hesitate to shoot us with an question.